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What do I need to buy a gun?
To purchase a gun, you will need your Massachusetts firearms licence, the PIN associated with your LTC, and your state driver’s license or other government issued photo ID. If you do not know your pin number, you can call the state’s Firearms PIN and License Status Hotline at 617-660-4722.

What guns are Massachusetts compliant?
The Approved Firearms Rosters are available here. Please note that some guns on the lists, including Glocks, are subject to directives from the Attorney General’s Office and may be ineligible for sales to civilians. You can check the manufacturer’s website to see if they offer Massachusetts compliant versions of the firearm you are interested in.

Can I buy a Glock?
Massachusetts law dictates that licensed gun dealers are only permitted to sell Glocks made before October, 1998 to civilians. Active law enforcement officers (LEOs) are permitted to buy new Glocks, but they must supply the dealer with a letter from their Chief of Police on department letterhead stating that the Glock is needed on duty.

Can I buy an “assault rifle”/AR-15?
Massachusetts gun dealers are only permitted to sell civilians AR-15 or “assault rifle” style firearms that were made before the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Please note that because there is a limited supply of these firearms, they can be costly. We specialize in tracking down these hard to find pieces.

Can I buy a short barrel rifle (SBRs)?
Due to recent changes in Massachusetts state law, we can no longer sell or transfer short barrel rifles (SBRs).

How do I obtain a gun license?
Licenses are obtained through your local police department. Instructions on how to obtain a gun license and the differences between the license options are detailed here. We can also recommend instructors for the required safety course in group or one on one class formats.

What can I buy with an FID card?
Massachusetts permits “the purchase, possession, and transportation of non-large-capacity rifles, shotguns, and ammunition” with an FID card. SKS rifles, pump action shotguns, and bolt action rifles are popular choices for FID card holders.

Do you perform transfers?
Yes, in-state transfers are $25, out-of-state transfers are $30.

Where can I see your inventory?
We don’t have our entire inventory online, as it changes from day to day. We post new arrivals on the “inventory” page of our site. We are also happy to answer questions about inventory via phone or email.

Do you buy used guns?
Yes, we buy used guns and collections.

Do you repair firearms or install accessories?
Yes, we install night sights, scopes, Apex triggers, and other accessories. We also offer cleaning services, bore sighting, and minor gunsmithing.
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